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PLEX 1 Month Game Time

PLEX 1 Month Game Time

  • EVE Online
  • MAC Key
  • Windows
19,49 €

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Oficialus kodas  PLEX 1 Month Game Time aktyvavimui.

Prekės aprašymas:

This code will add 1 PLEX to your "Eve Online" account with 30 days of additional subscription time.This code works on all "Eve Online" accounts.

​PLEX is short for 30 Day Concord Pilot License Extension. It's an in-game item that can be used to pay for your subscription without using more traditional payment methods.

NB! PLEX are only available for paying customers. Trial accounts are not eligible.

"Eve Online" is a space-based, persistent world massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Players of Eve Online can participate in a number of in-game professions and activities, including mining, piracy, manufacturing, trading, exploration, and combat. The game contains a total of 7,800 star systems that can be visited by players.

Code Activation:

Code usage:

  • PLEX can be used in Account Management and in-game. By using the Account Management website, pilots can apply PLEX to reactivate a disabled account or spend it on a variety of game and account related services.
  • When purchasing Character and Account Services with PLEX simply select PLEX as payment method.
  • If you want to use your PLEX in-game, you will need to claim it from the Redeem Items system before you can use it.
  • Log into EVE Online
  • On the character selection screen, at the bottom, you will see a “Redeem Items” section.
  • Click the up arrow and the redeeming panel will pop-up displaying the items in the redeeming system.
  • Drag the PLEX to the character of your choice.
  • To use PLEX to add subscription to your account, right click on the PLEX item while it is located in your personal hangar and select
  • "Apply 30-day Pilot's License"? from the list of options. The item will disappear from the hangar and a notification that the 30 days has been added will be displayed.

Kaip gauti savo produktą??

Į jūsų el. paštą bus išsiųstas aktyvavimo kodas, kurį vėliau galėsite oficialiai aktyvuoti interneto svetainėje. Daugiau informacijos apie kodo aktyvavimą rasite „Kodo aktyvavimo instrukcijose“.

Kodėl turėčiau rinktis elektroninę parduotuvę?

Kaina – dėl skaitmeninių pardavimų neturime pristatymo ir pakavimo išlaidų, todėl mūsų kainos dažnai būna daug mažesnės nei rekomenduojama mažmeninė kaina.

Patikimumas – per savo veiklos metus aptarnavome dešimtis tūkstančių klientų ir įvykdėme šimtus tūkstančių užsakymų. Nepriklausomame atsiliepimų portale „Trustpilot“ turime tūkstančius teigiamų atsiliepimų, o vidutinis mūsų įvertinimas yra 5/5.

Patirtis – verslu užsiimame nuo 2009-ųjų metų. Mes žaidžiame ir pažįstame žaidimų pasaulį bei visada padedame iškilus problemoms.

You can find the code activation guide in the product description

OS: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10, Mac Os
Processor: Intel Dual Core @ 2.0 GHz, AMD Dual Core @ 2.0 GHz or better
RAM (Memory): at least 2GB
Free space on Hard Drive: at least 20GB
Graphics: AMD Radeon 2600 XT or NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS, with 256 MB VRAM or better

Try automatic system requirements detection tool from the link below:

*** Steps 1-3 are for first time users***
1) Press the button "Can you run it"
2) Your internet browser downloads a program called "Detection"
3) Run "Detection"
4) Check the results if your computer can run your desired game or not.