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  • Prieš 3 minutės 52 sek
    kertu bought
    UK PSN 10 GBP Gift Card
  • Prieš 16 minučių 26 sek
    Erik bought
    Finland PSN 20 EUR Gift Card
  • Prieš 18 minučių 28 sek
    Taavi bought
    Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership (Xbox One & 360)
  • Prieš 1 valanda 12 minučių
    Asser bought
    Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership (Xbox One & 360)
  • Prieš 2 valandos 40 minučių
    Pääsu bought
    Battlefield 3 Limited Edition (PC)
  • Prieš 8 valandos 59 minutės
    Sten-Erik bought
    Finland PSN 20 EUR Gift Card
  • Prieš 9 valandos 45 minutės
    Martin bought
    EU Xbox 50 Euro GIft Card (Xbox One & 360)
  • Prieš 10 valandų 3 minutės
    Marko bought
    USA PSN 20 USD Gift Card
  • Prieš 10 valandų 24 minutės
    Kadri bought
    Finland PSN 20 EUR Gift Card
  • Prieš 10 valandų 32 minutės
    Hedi bought
    Finland PSN 20 EUR Gift Card

How to buy

Punktid.com is a web site dedicated to offering different virtual codes, downloadable content and game time. 

You do not need to register with us when you buy our products- your name and email is sufficient.

From our selections you are able to find game cards for your Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, Steam and Origin accounts, plus many more. We update our product assortment regurarly to be sure you would have a bigger and fresher variety of options.

Virtual codes will allow you to buy game time in online games, download the latest demos and additional packages.

Ordering a suitable card is very easy:

1) Choose the product / products
2) Add the product to the shopping cart
3) Fill in the details
4) Pay by using online banking

An unique scanned code card will be sent to your  email address immediately after you have made the payment. If you have ordered multiple products you will get a separate email for each of the product. Please be sure to always check your spam or junk folder as well!

Every product has information underneath it showing which region is able to use this card. Please turn your attention to this! If your account is not registered in the region given for the card, you will not be able to use this card.

In order to avoid mistakes by typing in the codes, we always send a picture of the scanned code. This way we can be sure that the code is 100% accurate.
The cards will be sent to your email once immediately after making the payment. If the delivery time under the product is marked down as „0-48 hours“ then the scanned card will be sent to your e-mail within that time period. If for some reason the card has not been sent to your e-mail by the end of the 5th (fifth) day, then you have a right to cancel the order and claim for a refund.

By choosing „Bank transfer“ as a method of paying, you will be sent an e-mail with our banking details. If the payment has not reached us within 3 (three) working days then we will consider it as your request to cancel the purchase and we will cancel your order.

By making your purchases through your Facebook account you will have an easy and comfortable overview of your previous purchases and game codes on our web page.

Before making the payment, always double check your order details to be sure that you have bought the correct card for the correct region and in the correct amounts. Late claims will not be accepted.

Cards will not be exchanged once the payment has been made.